The COSMOS vision. All physical objects and surfaces are embedded with dense, energy efficients nodes that can process, store, and communicate sensor data. Achieving this vision requires tackling difficult manufacturing, materials, devices, and systems challenges and requires an interdisciplinary approach.

The technological, economic, and societal implications of the COSMOS vision are substantial. In the long-term, COSMOS research will enable:

  • nanomaterials-based high performance circuit nodes, which are capable of secure computation and communication, and are primarily powered by energy harvesting;
  • new networking architectures and algorithms that will permit these pervasive nodes to securely communicate to each other and to the existing network;
  • high-throughput manufacturing platforms and nanomaterials feedstocks to enable flexible, large-area, high-performance systems.

Center Contact

Center Director: Michael Filler
Traylor Faculty Fellow; Associate Professor
School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering | 404.894.0430