Associate Director 
3D Systems Packaging Research Center
Passives and IPDs Program Manager
3D Systems Packaging Research Center
Georgia Institute of Technology
Phone: 404.894.2652

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Dr. P. Markondeya Raj is a Research Professor and Program Manager for the Power and RF functional components and modules program at the 3D Systems Packaging Research Center (PRC), Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA. At PRC, he provides leadership in the areas of power-supply component integration on silicon, glass and organic substrates for power conversion and integrity, RF and precision components (antennas, diplexers, matching networks, nonlinear devices), and fine-pitch interconnections. He co-developed several technologies which include low-cost capacitor and inductor integration, advanced thin-film precision analog and RF components with nanomagnetic and nanocomposite dielectrics, and their package integration as functional modules.

He coauthored 215 publications, 8 books, 8 patents with others pending. He received 15 “Best Paper” awards for his conference and journal publications which include the “Distinguished Scholar Award” from the Microbeam Analysis Society, IEEE Transactions of Advanced Packaging Commendable paper Award, IEEE Outstanding Technical Paper , IEEE ECTC Best-Poster Award and the Philips Best Paper Award.

He is the Co-chair for IEEE CPMT Nanopackaging technical committee, and the track chair for “Nanopackaging” at the IEEE-NANO conference. He is also the Co-chair and served as session chair for the “High-speed, Wireless & Components” thrust in the CPMT, Electronics and Component Technology Conference. He received his Ph.D. from Rutgers University in 1999 in Ceramic Engineering, M.S. from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore (1995) and B.S. from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (1993).

Research Areas of Interest
  • Integrated power converters with flex-compatible ultra-thin
    inductors and capacitors
  • Flex-integrated RF system components (antennas, low-loss
    interconnects, matching, PA with thermal, Shielding etc.)
  • Printed power and RF passive components
  • 3D (double-sided actives and thinfilm passives) integration on flex
  • Nanocomposites: Material synthesis and formulations for flex electronic components
  • Flex packaging of batteries and supercapacitors

Expertise Keywords

  • Flexible Electronics