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2019 Georgia Tech Institute for Electronics and Nanotechnology Meindl Lecture and User Day  

Friday September 6, 2019 | 9am - 4pm | Marcus Nanotechnology Building | Georgia Institute of Technology

Ever wonder what the other people in the IEN facilities are working on? Want to share your research with an interdisciplinary community? Join us for IEN’s annual User Science and Engineering Review (USER) Day. This special event will provide an opportunity to learn about the latest research activities in IEN and will provide a great opportunity to share a glimpse of your work with a diverse audience.

The keynote speaker and IEN 2019 Meindl Lecturer is Julia Greer, Professor of Materials Science, Mechanics, and Medical Engineering at CalTech, who will speak on “Materials by Design: Three-Dimensional (3D) Nano-Architected Meta-Materials”.

This event is open to the entire community with registration required by August 30, 2019.  While registration for the event is required, there is no cost to attend, and lunch and snacks will be provided.

Register now at https://ienuserday2019.eventbrite.com.



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IEN is home to one of the sixteen sites of the National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure (NNCI). The NNCI was initiated by the National Science Foundation (NSF) in 2015 to provide researchers from academia, industry, and government access to university user facilities with leading-edge fabrication and characterization tools, instrumentation, and expertise within all disciplines of nanoscale science, engineering and technology.

IEN, in partnership with the Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering (JSNN) in Greensboro, NC, created the Southeastern Nanotechnology Infrastructure Corridor (SENIC)providing research and educational resources to students, researchers, and educators in the southeast US and beyond. In addition, IEN serves as the Coordinating Office for the NNCI network.


Strategic Contacts

Senior Leadership
Dr. Oliver Brand; Executive Director [oliver.brand@ece.gatech.edu]
Dr. Eric M. Vogel; Deputy Director [eric.vogel@mse.gatech.edu]

Research Areas
Micro & Nano Enabled Electronic Systems
Dr. Eric M. Vogel  [eric.vogel@mse.gatech.edu]

Nanotechnology at Georgia Tech
Dr. Oliver Brand [oliver.brand@ece.gatech.edu]
Dr. David Gottfried [david.gottfried@ien.gatech.edu]

Core Facilities
Fabrication Laboratories
Mr. Gary Spinner [gary.spinner@ien.gatech.edu]

Materials Characterization
Mr. Walter Henderson [walter.henderson@ien.gatech.edu]

Shared User Access
Dr. Paul Joseph [paul.joseph@ien.gatech.edu]

Dr. David Gottfried [david.gottfried@ien.gatech.edu]

Education Programs
Dr. Quinn Spadola [quinn.spadola@ien.gatech.edu]

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